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2016: The Year of the Post F-kboy Glow Up

As the title of this post may suggest, I’m rather confident about this year. The winter was mild on the East Coast, people are becoming more health conscious, and flight deals are out of this world. Have you seen the sale for a flight from JFK to Greece for like $300?! Anyways, with that being… Continue reading 2016: The Year of the Post F-kboy Glow Up


Blog Back In Time: Heart cracked not heartbroken

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2008 Heart cracked not heartbroken So I'm a blogger now? Well who am I kidding, this has been a long time coming and I really should have anticipated it happening. But it took reading a thought provoking blog for me to realize that maybe this is the release I've been seeking. See,… Continue reading Blog Back In Time: Heart cracked not heartbroken

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It’s not them- it’s you

Let me preface this post by saying that I love and value my friends. They are a core group of people who are honest, trustworthy, and genuine. "Friend" refers to an individual that you trust and love. They're family that you get to pick. If you don't feel comfortable saying that about any of your… Continue reading It’s not them- it’s you

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Kill the Bat Signal

For quite a few us who have lived in the social mediaverse, posts about relationships seem commonplace. Some range from the cryptic yet impending sense of a breakup: "Sometimes you gotta know when enough is ENOUGH" (the caps make it official) to the more obvious: "I wish I never even bothered with him. What a waste… Continue reading Kill the Bat Signal