Nice to Meet You! Now Let’s get to Work.

Hi there! I’m workforce development expert, blogger, philanthropist, home sharing host, and management consultant with passion for personal and professional development.

I have been an unofficial advisor for friends, family, and associates for years, reviewing countless resumes and cover letters, facilitating dozens of mock interviews, and coaching folks on job search techniques. It only made sense that the next logical step in my love for helping people attain employment was to start a scholarship for women in higher education.

The Adri Speaks 4 Books scholarship began awarding scholarships in 2014.

But aside from my professional work, businesses, and philanthropic efforts, I believe in empowering women to live fully and unashamedly in their truth and I believe that truth begins and ends with love. AdriSpeaks primarily focuses on relationships because I genuinely enjoy helping women get the love they deserve. We’ve been through enough! And in 2016, I created the world wide hashtag and phrase “pick me“.

For inquiries, requests for speaking engagements, and coaching, send me an email at adrispeakss@gmail.com.

To work with me for a one one one coaching session, feel free to schedule it here.

Use this link to schedule your session.