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Hi, I Created the #pickme Hashtag

Some time in 2016, I created the hashtag #tweetlikeapickme. Fresh off the heels of breaking off a relationship and coming into my own as a well rounded professional, I was happy being single. Using twitter regularly, I began seeing more and more of women (pick me’s) tweeting about how they were SO much better than other women because they cooked/cleaned/obeyed or some variation. These patriarchal princesses often used respectability to shame women for male attention. I was sick of it.

“You women spend your weekends at the club. I spend mine at home cooking. We are NOT the same.”

“Imagine posting pictures in bikinis and thinking any man will respect you. Sluts.”

“These females are different. They don’t know what true loyalty means to hold a man down even when he has nothing. #rideordie”

If you’ve seen tweets like these, then you know what I’m talking about. Publicly or privately tap dancing for men by shaming women is never the wave. And three years later, it’s no different. Now, people just know what to call these kinds of women: a pick me.

The sad fact is that pick-me’s end up with f*kboys. No one wins – except the people who don’t have to deal with them in the dating pool. So here’s to those who’ve used the hashtag responsibly. Let’s toast to free women.

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