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Hi, I Created the #pickme Hashtag

Some time in 2016, I created the hashtag #tweetlikeapickme. Fresh off the heels of breaking off a relationship and coming into my own as a well rounded professional, I was happy being single. Using twitter regularly, I began seeing more and more of women (pick me's) tweeting about how they were SO much better than… Continue reading Hi, I Created the #pickme Hashtag

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7 Tips to Ruin your Livelihood in Love and Relationships

The 1950s. A decade filled with A-line skirts, the dawn of rock 'n roll, and good ol' American segregation. Mad Men glamorized this era, where the men were powerful and their doting housewives drowned in depressants to keep afloat- with not one strand of hair out of place. 'Twas a simpler time, indeed. When I… Continue reading 7 Tips to Ruin your Livelihood in Love and Relationships

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So You Want a Roster?

You've thought about dating multiple guys. The idea always intrigued you.  "How does she do it?" you wonder, as you watch this woman effortlessly handle her professional and dating life with a fluidity you've only seen in movies with plot holes. Her weeks are filled with everything from brunch dates on the Hudson to court-side tickets… Continue reading So You Want a Roster?