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I am Lemonade

Disclaimer: This is not a thinkpiece. This is a me piece. "Your grandmother had a very hard life, you know," my mother said. I'd just learned that my grandma had been hospitalized for a minor issue that was a symptom of a chronic condition. I was taken aback. I'd always known that my grandmother, an assertive,… Continue reading I am Lemonade

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2016: The Year of the Post F-kboy Glow Up

As the title of this post may suggest, I’m rather confident about this year. The winter was mild on the East Coast, people are becoming more health conscious, and flight deals are out of this world. Have you seen the sale for a flight from JFK to Greece for like $300?! Anyways, with that being… Continue reading 2016: The Year of the Post F-kboy Glow Up