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2016: The Year of the Post F-kboy Glow Up

As the title of this post may suggest, I’m rather confident about this year. The winter was mild on the East Coast, people are becoming more health conscious, and flight deals are out of this world. Have you seen the sale for a flight from JFK to Greece for like $300?! Anyways, with that being said, I’ve come to the conclusion that this year is the year where women have proceeded to get their sh-t together. No longer will we spend endless hours crying over men who never respected us a day in their lives. No longer will we waste our good concealer and highlight to go on dates with guys that aren’t even worth dollar store lipgloss. Gone are the days that we stalk his social media to see who he’s talking to/flirting with. This year, we’ve tapped into our divine feminine and have proclaimed in but so many words that 2016 is the year of the post f-kboy glow up.


What is a f-kboy? I could dedicate a year’s worth of blog posts to the subject and still have more to unearth. For the time being, this diagram will have to do (source unknown. But I got it from Google images so we’re just going to assume that the tag is the original source). I’ll direct your attention to the top 3 percentages. “You up?” “I don’t like labels” “Netflix and chill”. These all speak to a man who is only using you for entertainment and is hoping you never get the good sense to leave his behind in the dust. I already wrote about why I hate Netflix and Chill. F-kboys are lazy, dishonest, and prey on the weak and naive. So what happens when you’ve spent far too long with one?



Bad credit.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When you’re with someone who doesn’t honor and respect you for the woman that you are, it can be detrimental to your sense of self-worth. You may wonder if something is wrong with you. You may do things to alter your appearance to “keep him”. You become a shell of woman because you’ve poured everything into a man. I’ve been there, sis. But one day, you’ll realize that you don’t need him to feel whole. Because you, alone, are enough. And when that day comes?

Your skin clears.

You lose weight.

You get a better job.


And maybe, just maybe, you get with a man that worships the ground you walk on due to your new-found confidence. Take it from someone who’s dealt with her fair share of         f-kboys and f-kups; the best thing you can do for yourself is to detach from someone who doesn’t appreciate your love and light. You should feel more complete and free when with someone, not depleted and robbed of your joy.
So go ahead and let go. We have the rest of 2016 for the glow up.


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