“Did You F-k Him?” That time I was almost Issa

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen the latest episode of Insecure that aired on 11/20/16, please stop reading. This entry is littered with spoilers. If you're a fan of Issa Rae's new hit show "Insecure" you'll recognize the title of this blog as the most pivotal point in the debut series to date. After years … More “Did You F-k Him?” That time I was almost Issa

So You Want a Roster?

You’ve thought about dating multiple guys. The idea always intrigued you.  “How does she do it?” you wonder, as you watch this woman effortlessly handle her professional and dating life with a fluidity you’ve only seen in movies with plot holes. Her weeks are filled with everything from brunch dates on the Hudson to court-side tickets … More So You Want a Roster?

I am Lemonade

Disclaimer: This is not a thinkpiece. This is a me piece. “Your grandmother had a very hard life, you know,” my mother said. I’d just learned that my grandma had been hospitalized for a minor issue that was a symptom of a chronic condition. I was taken aback. I’d always known that my grandmother, an assertive, … More I am Lemonade

Fight or flight

A few months ago, the following conversation took place between me and a close friend: Friend: Hey Adri, how’s it going with [insert guy’s name here]? Me: Who? Girl, please. I had to cancel that. Friend (to another friend who had joined the conversation): Man, Adri cuts these guys off quick. You don’t give anyone … More Fight or flight