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So You Want to Take a Solo Trip?

Ah, the joys of group trips where half who signed up drop out when the deposits are due, few are late with payments, arguments ensue about accommodations, and all before you even board the plane! Let’s face it, group trips can be enjoyable but most, if not all, come with some drama or arguments. If you’re like me and LOVE to travel, sometimes you don’t want to deal with the complicated mess of coordinating availability and itineraries. Sometimes you want to just book the flight and GO solo. But you haven’t.


I don’t blame you. Stranger danger is real and traveling as a single woman comes with its fair share of worries. Heck, living as a single woman in everyday life is scary. When you add being somewhere where you may not speak the same language and may have to adhere to certain customs, traveling solo can be a crippling fear. Don’t fret, I’ve provided a few tips for how you can tackle your first solo trip safely.


Rule numero uno: For the first trip, pick somewhere where English is spoken throughout. English is spoken in MANY countries so do your research and decide which one most suits your interests. It can be nerve wracking landing in an airport where none of the signs are recognizable and you still have to make it to your hotel. For the first solo trip, take it easy and choose somewhere like the Caribbean and most of Western Europe. Canada counts (but not really). Make sure to stay at a well reviewed hotel. I’ve heard hostels are a good way to meet people but they’re not for me.

Two: Have a plan. Develop an itinerary of things you’d like to do, being sure to include group tours so you can meet other travelers. Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, and Fodors are good places to start. Use google maps to gauge the distance between the airport and your hotel. Get familiar with where the sites are in relation to your hotel. Decide if you’re going to use cash or credit card. I find that using a card is easier for me and only exchange a few hundred dollars.

Three: Use common sense. If it’s a dark alley, don’t stumble down there. Keep your belongings secure. Keep your passport in your hotel room in a safety deposit box that you bought and a copy of your passport on your person at all times. If you’re drinking, don’t overdo it to the point where you lose control.

Four: Strike up conversation! I’ve met some amazing people during my travels and it was great because if I was with friends, I likely would not have taken the initiative.

Five: Follow me on Instagram @adrienvacances for more tips.


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