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Caucasian Preferred

In case you haven’t seen the below , I invite you to peruse the Account Manager position. Notice anything illegal?

cynet caucasian_53521

I’m going to keep this brief because larger platforms have written articles about the Cynet scandal. What I have not seen written is that this isn’t merely a PR snafu, new HR admin flub, or anything of the sort. Whoever posted that job made only one mistake: not deleting what had been dictated to them. And I would not be surprised if it was done intentionally.

Let’s think about this: Cynet’s immediate response was not to terminate the employee, which would have been the only appropriate immediate action, given the severity of the issue. Rather, in a now-deleted tweet, they offered this paltry response:


The company also posted a job position stating “female candidate only”. Another requirement not being deleted, I think.

This isn’t a series of administrative mistakes, this is the chickens coming home to roost in just one example of the race-based discrimination minorities have faced in this country for generations. Of course Caucasians are preferred. They always have been. Cynet is just facing a PR nightmare because now the general public knows what black people have known.

I implore all non POC to recognize that this is not an isolated incident and not just about a young recruiter. Behind this are thousands of candidates who will never see the time of day because they’ve self identified as Black/African American. Behind this company and others like it are hundreds of ironed shirts, pristine resumes, and mock interviews that never mattered because they didn’t have “the complexion for the protection for the collection” – Paul Mooney.

As a career coach, I’m livid. I have seen the good, bad, and ugly in the recruiting world and see some of the best and brightest who are well qualified but still struggle with attaining employment. And in some instances, I know that there are more nefarious reasons why and it has nothing to do with the quality of their cover letter.

That’s why there is no such thing as reverse racism.


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