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So You Want to Maintain a Roster?

“Been a long time but I’m back with the jumpoff…”

So I got a lot of feedback on my last blog and I gotta tell ya, I couldn’t be more thrilled. The women were appreciative (well most were) and some of the menfolk…well…they’ll live. Remember what I said: hell hath no fury like a misogynistic man confronted with a woman who’s free.

But let me not waste time. I hinted on my social media accounts that there would be a follow up to the last entry and now I’m sharing how to maintain your roster.

Rule #1: Keep it light

It’s self-explanatory but let me go ahead and spell it out for those of us who are hard of hearing: KEEP. IT. LIGHT. I can’t tell you how many times my male friends could barely recall what a woman they were casually dating did for a living – let alone personal details about her life. But some women overshare. You wanna maintain a roster? Keep conversations surface level. Too much information means you’ll have to remember more things and/or feel closer to a mere bench warmer.

Stick to topics like music, reality tv, sports, and the president-elect. Donald Trump alone provides enough conversation material for months.

Rule #2: Remember the small stuff

I know what you’re gonna say: How can I keep it light but also remember the small stuff? Pay attention, because this is crucial: date as many guys as you want but NEVER let them feel like they’re number 1 out of __. Forgetting the basic stuff like their occupation is a recipe for a “you playing games” text. Avoid it by remembering one or two main things during your conversations. Bring up the stepbrother who once spilled hot chocolate all over his shirt. Mention the fact that he was a class clown. Commit that junk to memory because the devil is in the details.

Rule #3: Pace yourself

You are not Wonder Woman, Hermione Granger, or any other fictional character that can bend space and time. Going out with a different guy every day of the week sounds fun until you actually do it. You need a good 36 hours between dates to recharge. Don’t be me – asking a guy where he went to grad school when he NEVER WENT TO GRAD SCHOOL. You’re only human. Get some rest.

Rule #4: Don’t get caught up

This is a bit controversial. “What’s the point of dating if you don’t catch feelings?” you may be wondering.

Pump your brakes.

Dating with a roster isn’t necessarily meant to last forever but you certainly shouldn’t get rid of all the team members the second one of them shows real promise. Or have we forgotten Greg Oden?

Take your time, keep it light, and see who has real staying power.

Peace & Love,


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