Why Your Weight Matters

How many times have we commented on an “after” weight loss photo with something along the lines of “Wow! you look amazing! What an improvement!” I know that I haven’t, because I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end. Don’t get me wrong, for those of us who have lost significant amounts of weight and post pictures of our transformation, we are seeking compliments in some ways. At the same time, when some of our friends and associates insinuate that something was wrong with us BEFORE the weight loss. It’s almost insulting.

I will always be a person that struggles with weight.

It’s how I’m wired. It’s my genetic “can’t have it all.” While God was mixing up the concoction of Adri, there was a bunch of intelligence, a dash of wry humor, discernment, wisdom, good health, thick hair, smooth skin….and chubbiness. And for a long time, I felt ashamed about it. As someone who is blessed with the aforementioned qualities, I felt that I should be able to figure this whole weight thing out. How hard can it be to get and stay lean?

Pretty darn hard.

But I’m learning not to punish myself for gaining weight or falling short of what I deem to be perfect. It’s cause for evaluation, sure, and a dose of “real talk” with myself. But punishing? No. After all, it was the chubby girl that won the 3rd grade writing contest on “what do you want to be when you grow up?” It was her that got into the creative writing seminar at the local high school. It was me who pushed myself to work hard and save money. Regardless of what size I am physically, my accomplishments and failures have not changed. In fact, some of my best moments have happened when I’ve been larger. So,chin up. There’s a lot to do that only YOU can do.

Your weight loss or gain does not change who you are. There isn’t a “whole new you”. Sorry to burst your bubble if that’s what you were hoping for. You may lose weight but the issues that led you to gain will still be there. The insecurities and such will still hover beneath the surface. True transformation means not really transforming at all but adapting. You are not 2 different people that starts and stops when you lose or gain weight. You’re a whole person with unique experiences. Appreciate all of who you are.

But seriously, if your weight is affecting your health- do something about it. You owe it to yourself.

2 thoughts on “Why Your Weight Matters”

  1. This was very well written. Healing self-esteem is just as important, if not more so than losing weight.

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